Saturday, May 2, 2009


So I am back home.
Africa was sweet.
More on that Later.

Here are some photographs:Zanzibar

Indian Ocean at sunrise

Ruaha National Park

Home stay family


Here's a Salinger Quote I like:
"He said that a Man should be able to lie at the bottom of a hill with his throat cut, slowly bleeding to death, and if a pretty girl or an old woman should pass by with a beautiful jug balanced perfectly on the top of her head, he should be able to raise himself up on one arm and see the jug safely over the top of the hill."

Friday, January 2, 2009

Current Interests

I like listing things.
So here are the things i have been filling my time with lately.

I have been watching far too much West Wing. It is a good show, however, and I am on break and dont feel guilty.

Interesting read. I Recomend it.

Caleb and I started recording some Call of the Wild songs. Until Caleb's Mac began to behave like a mac and broke. So we have postponed recording for a bit.

Josh Ritter is really good. The song "Good Man" is pretty classy.

I often overlook Iron and Wine. But Whenever I give them a listen I am generally blown away. This albulm is pretty classic.

The Bon Iver Daytrotter session is pretty cool. Daytrotter is pretty cool.

that is all.