Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Shave

Yesterday, me and jake drove to Colorado.  It was a good drive and we arrived around 2am.  We bought a book on tape at a gas station right before Vegas called, "The Ethical Assassin."  It was really bad in the best possible way.  There was everything: sex, violence, drugs, evil red necks, vegan Vigilantes, Encyclopedia selling drug dealers, crooked cops, people drowning in a pool of pig crap... everything.  It took me away to another world and made the drive go a lot faster.  

Today, me, Jake and, his friend Oliver snuck into and utilized the spa's locker room at the Hyatt.  It was enjoyable, and we were quite giddy and giggly.  We steamed, showered, and shaved.  I used aftershave for the first time in my life and I think I want to make it a habit.   To put it simply we pampered ourselves like princes.    

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ellen b. said...

I hope you are not embarrassed that I am commenting here.
Don't be.
I think the most frightening people group described are the vegan vigilantes....
I think it's absolutely brilliant that you had a steam, shower and shave at the Hyatt!!