Sunday, July 27, 2008

What I did at the onion farm

I thought since I will be talking about this a lot in the next couple days I should thoroughly explain what my job consisted of.

I worked in the onion packing factory. The majority of time was spent at one of these machines.

The machines you see in this picture are onion baggers. The machine consists of four tubes that the onion bags connect to. At the back of these machines is a conveyor belt which feeds the onions into the tubes filling up the onion bags. Once the bag hits 50 pounds it shifts over a spot and the next bag starts filling up. When the bag shifts it was my job to take off the bag, tie it and drop it onto the conveyor belt. If the machine was moving slow it was also my job to put a new bag onto that tube. If the machine was moving fast someone would put the bag on at the next station. A lot of the time me and Trudenwilk would be working the same machine taking turns tying for a while then putting bags on for a while. That's it. We did it 10 hours a day. My hands got torn up. Sometimes the bags would fill up fast and my job would get hectic, sometimes they would fill up really slowly and my job would get unbearably boring. It blows me away to think that this is what these people do for a living, day in and day out, mindlessly tying onion bags 6 days a week 10 hours a day.