Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Top 3: People Most Likely to Tailgate

1. Bro's

2. Soccer Moms

3. High School Girls
(Note: one must remember that High school girls are Soccer Moms waiting to happen)


Kristin Michelle said...

"one must remember that High school girls are Soccer Moms waiting to happen"
You know, this is really a dumb and stereotypical comment levi. That's like saying, homeschooled kids are unibombers waiting to happen... Well, maybe that comparison is a tad-bit off-scale, but still-- I, as a previous high school girl, am not a Soccer Mom waiting to happen. No sir.

Levi Bagdanov said...

That my dear is something only time can tell us.

T.S.B. said...

To kristen michelle,

The interesting thing about the transition into Soccer-Mom-hood is that the decision does not so much depend on your own self-perception but rather upon the interests of your children---unless you plan on being one of those parents who forces their own whims and dreams on their offspring instead of letting them find their own niche in life. Or maybe you won't have kids at all.

Now, just a small note. Your comparison is not "a tad-bit off-scale." It makes no sense what-so-ever. Theodore John Kaczynski attended Sherman Elementary School, Evergreen Park Central school, and Evergreen Park Community High School. Then, he went to Harvard.

Levi's observation, though perhaps not universally true, at least has statistical probability of being true some of the time. Most high school girls mature into women; most women eventually have children; at least some of these children will enroll in soccer leagues during their youth. Granted soccer isn't extremely popular in the USA, however interest is on the rise, and even avowed soccer-haters probably played as kids. It should also be noted that outside of the USA an exponentially higher percentage of high school girls will become soccer moms.

Your comparison, though obviously hyperbole, seems to imply that because the unibomber was home-schooled, all home-schooled kids can be said to be unibombers in waiting. The glaring problem here is that Ted wasn't homeschooled. Even hyperbole has to make it's exaggerations off of fact.

(And yes, I am very bored at work)

Kristin Michelle said...

to t.s.b:

I concede that I certainly do not fact-check my off-the-hand comments. I meant my comparison to be, simply put, absurd, and even more simply put, something that would annoy Levi and probably anyone attached to the homeschooling arena. I am, of course, flattered that you spent 4 paragraphs and probably some decent wikipedia research to correct me though :)

ellen b. said...

Now this is what I like about blogging. This banter, this high form of communication. Oh and Levi, I added you to my blogroll but first I had to look up and see what the h### primordial was...
Oh and that h word is heck by the way...

Levi Bagdanov said...

31.4% of children in the U.S, play soccer. This number was taken from two sources: A CNN article which said that 17.5 million kids play soccer, and the U.S. census website which said that there are approximately 55 million children in the U.S.
According to Wiki Answers 65% of kids in the us play sports. This means if a child in the U.S. is playing a sport almost half the time it will be soccer.
So put simply, the chances of a high school girl becoming a soccer mom appear quite high.

Kristin Michelle said...

you bagdanovs just think you're soooo clever.