Friday, August 1, 2008

A dream I had on the farm

Wednesday night sometime, 7-23-2008
Location: Scott's trailer, Gene Wheeler Farms Property, Lancaster, California.

In my dream me and some friends, I don't remember who I was with, were walking through a crowded street in India. We went inside a store and did the normal stuff you do in a store, pick up and play with anything that interests you. We were in the shop for a little while, and then went back to the street. All of the sudden, one of my friends has a shot gun, and he fires it into the air. Quickly following this shot, elephants begin running down the street first only a couple and then enough to fill the street, after the elephants hordes of people start running down the street, completely covering every inch of street. At this point I was standing on the side of the street next to the store I was just in. I had three choices: Run with the people, get trampled, or try to go inside the store. I go for the third option and make it in right before they lock the doors. I ask the shop owners, it was a man and his wife, if all the doors are locked, and we start checking. For some reason it seemed like a matter of life and death that the doors be locked, that we not let any of the massive mob inside our store. I am checking one of the side doors, and it turns out this door is not locked. Right before I was going to lock the door someone opened it. I could feel the danger of the massive crowd rushing into our store and trampling us. I looked at the person who had opened the door. It was an emaciated, bald person, I am not sure if it was a man or a woman, all I know was that this person was very skinny and had no hair. The fear was pounding through my body, and I knew I only had one option: to push this person out of the doorway and into the hungry open mouth of the horde. So i did. I pushed Baldy by the shoulders, feeling only skin and bone, no fat no muscle, just a leathery layer of skin covering a brittle set of bones. I closed and locked the door before I saw what happened to this person. But I had no doubt in my mine that I had pushed him or her to his or her death.

This is when I woke. I had to use the restroom. This dream kinda freaked me out. I had just thrown this person from the safety of my store to a sure death. When the rubber met the road I only cared to save my own skin.

I know only one thing: those hordes of people represent the never ending flow of onions that I was seeing day in and day out at the onion farm.

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Katie said...

leeevs, that is depressing.