Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weird dream

Last night in my dream Steel played a huge concert. I think Thrice was headlining, but it was like woodstock big, just a huge mass of people. The only people from Steel who seemed to be able to make the show were me, Jeff and Jamie (who isn't really in Steel). Jeff was playing guitar and I seemed to always be switching which instruments I played. I never played keyboards, which is odd because that is what I play in Steel. We really sucked and I remember knowing it. I remember playing a pillow as a bass for a while. And I was also the screamer the whole show. For a while I was looking for a bass but couldn't find one, so I kept plucking the pillow. Jeff kept refusing to play any of our good songs. He said "stone your grandmas bear" was too boring and he refused to play "folk" for a reason I cant remember. All he wanted to play was Daedalus by Thrice. It sucked real bad, everyone hated us (which is normally the goal of a steel show), but I was disappointed. I think the woods kids were the only people who enjoyed our performance. I also think I remember someone saying they saw Paris Hilton at the show. It was an odd dream.


Kristin Michelle said...

a pet peeve: weird.

Levi Bagdanov said...

Does that really happen enough that it is a pet peeve? Or is your pet peeve spelling errors in general.

Kristin Michelle said...

mmm if pet peeves were a pizza, spelling errors would be the amount you would eat with a normal amount of hunger, and out of that, 1/3 of the crust would be specifically the word weird.