Saturday, August 2, 2008

Today I killed a Wasp,

or at least I think I did. I was laying by the pool, my feet in the water, my wet back rested pleasantly against the synthetic wood deck, which the sun had been warming all day. I was listening to Death cab For Cutie, enjoying the late afternoon breeze, when I felt something crawling on my knee. I thought it was just a fly, I tried to gently kick my knee, thinking it would scare it off. It stayed and felt slightly heavier than a fly. I decided to investigate. I looked and there it was: a wasp. I lifted my hand and flicked it into the water. It was submerged in the water and its wings were useless. It was aimlessly flapping around the water. I did nothing but watch it writhe in agony, beating its wings uselessly, struggling to make it out of the watery death trap. I didn't stick around long enough to see if it died or escaped, I saw two other wasps and feared that they had their stingers poised for revenge. I dried off and went inside. I am scared that if I continue my wasp killing ways there will be a wasp rebellion and I will be first on their list of people to sting to death.

Update: I just checked, it is dead.

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ellen b. said...

Reminds me of the summer Josh and Dan destroyed a wasp nest with their paint ball guns and many angry wasps were flying around looking for someone to kill...