Sunday, August 3, 2008

I see this blog as a way to collect things.

Here are some quotes from East of Eden that I thought were interesting:

"And you must not expect to find that people understand what they do. So many things are done instinctively, the way a bee makes honey or a fox dips his paws in a stream to fool dogs. A fox can't say why he does it, and what bee remembers winter or expects it to come again?"

"His Mother and Father thought him a poet because he wasn't any good at anything else."

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Kristin Michelle said...

I like those quotes from E.O.E. In regards to the first one, I just hope my instincts are admirable and not too corrupted. I guess a lot of how you interpret the outcome of that quote reflects your view of human nature. I want to be able to think about and understand why I do the things I do, so that if I find they are not admirable I can try to change my behavior, and maybe over time, that behavior will become instinctive. I would say that reflection and self-awareness is the gift unique to humans that separates us from the fox and the bee. And I do want to expect more of myself and other people than what I expect of animals. hm. anyways, I am glad you are enjoying your book :)