Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jury duty #2

I think that in my whole morning at jury duty I had 2 maybe three interactions with another person. I pretty much kept to myself and my book.
Here is one of my interactions: I went to the coffee vending machine to get a hot chocolate. There was a woman ahead of me getting a cup of coffee. For some reason her cup was taking a while to fill up. She looked at me and said:

Woman: Sorry, its going real slow.
Me: Its ok I am in absolutely no rush.

She left, I got my hot chocolate.
I didn't want hot chocolate really, I was simply wasting time. I was pleased that there was a delay.

The thing that gets me thinking is that there are people out there who would have been annoyed that it was taking her long to get her coffee. Some people would be in a rush to get their coffee and go back to their seat to do absolutely nothing but sit and wait. People, myself included, are strange creatures.

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Kristin Michelle said...

I suppose creatures just like to be in control of the manner in which they wait.

And traffic is a spiritual discipline.